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El Rancho Loco

My name’s Donna, and I’m a gardening/prepping/sustainability addict. I come from a background that can at best be described as “eclectic,” and at worst, “psychotic” (I’ll dip into my history from time to time in this blog). Short version: North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Florida, Chicago, Kentucky, Chicago, Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, legal secretary, bookkeeper, writer, office manager, artist.

My goal here is to have an interactive diary of what it’s like to get ready to have a farm/what it’s like having a farm/what the future holds on a farm. I cuss a lot, am occasionally really funny, and if you want to argue without getting personal, I’ll throw it down. If you irk me, you’re banned.

I became interested in gardening about 15 years ago, and have dabbled at it ever since. Only dabbing until now, because I never owned my own land. Now, we have a farmhouse in Texas with four acres and every single inch is going to be dedicated to a purpose, whether it’s food, beauty, animals, or business. My fiance and I are greatly interested in sustainability, prepping, homesteading, practicality and back-up plans.

I’m engaged to the most awesome partner ever. He’s a French-trained executive chef and we’re never at a loss for how to spend our spare time. We share information and recipes, laugh like idiots whenever possible, and dream of now and the future. We’re getting married on the farm in May and he’s as stoked about getting this ball rolling as I am. We look forward to sharing ideas, hopes, dreams, and the most useful and interesting resources around.

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One thought on “mot d’introduction

  1. Hello! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more here: Cheers Sarah : o )

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