One thing I’m just learning about an old farmhouse (and I’m embarrassed to admit this because generally, I’m a smart person) is that is it soul-crushingly expensive to heat in the winter.

Allow me to introduce y’all to what my fiance and I refer to as “Bill Engineering.” I do not think the previous owner and his wife ever met a inefficient system they didn’t love, because this house is basically held together with duct tape and prayer.  Yes, that’s a propane shop heater. It’s mounted on the ceiling in the dog run (large hallway in the center of the house) and blows straight to the thermostat. So it goes on and off and on and off all day and night. The air never seems to beeline to other areas of the house, but the dog run is awful comfy. Too bad we don’t actually live in that space.

Bedroom vent

Living room vent

The other heating system is a wood burning stove which is situated outside the house and has ducts running underneath the house to two vents cut into the floor. As you can see, they’re superbly placed to deter any furniture or common sense in the bedroom and living room. Until we remove them, they’re merely “decorative,” because we are never, not ever, going to use that janky-assed death box to heat our house. I’d rather die under a suffocating pile of blankets, thanks.

Anyway, the propane dude was just out here (we call him “Dang Ol’ Dang Ol'” because he sounds like Boomhauer), delivering half a tank (100 gallons). We get 100 gallons in our 200 gallon tank, because at $2.80 a gallon, we can’t afford any more than that at one time.

With electricity through the roof for this old house, too, this spring, summer, and fall will be spent finding and implementing other solutions to our heating (and forthcoming cooling) dilemmas (we have window A/C’s…I’m going to cry real tears when the first A/C electricity bill hits).  The cost of running this horrifically inefficient shop heater setup is over $150 a month in electricity alone (the total monthly nut for this old wiring is $300).

The math portion of the post: $280 (propane) + $150 (electric, approx.) = Stabby-Time Donna.

It’s egregious that we spend so much a month sucking off the grid’s teat.  So friggin’ over it already.

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