Suck it, Nettle.

So.Much.Hate #1

Bana, this is the scope of the problem. It has taken over the chicken yard, the big garden area (except where it was tilled under), and the large open area where the geese are meant to hang.  These pictures are ALL NETTLE, except for the occasional thistle.  No grass here, no clover, no anything but nettle. I’m so freaking sick of it, and I don’t care if it’s the cure for menopause or brain scabies or is delightful in tea, I want every single bit of it dead. I’m SO TIRED of being stung, even with high boots and gloves on. Patches of it are over two feet high, like right against the chicken coop. I’ll cut that part down and put it in my composter. The rest is getting eradicated as organically as possible.

So.Much.Hate #2

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8 thoughts on “Suck it, Nettle.

  1. Lilybell says:

    Did you guys try mowing it very very short until you can root out some of the bigger ones by hand? Do the most often walked areas first so you have a safe zone, and then you can whittle away at it.

    When trimming my rose bushes I thought of you…I looked down and there was a ton of thistles! It was dim outside so I couldn’t look if it was bull nettle or not. I remember getting stung with it when I was younger…my skin would puff up so badly…

    I went jogging one day and my whole ankle/leg brushed one that I didn’t notice. That was the end of that run….were it not for the bumps, I’d have thought a damn snake had bitten me…

    • I’ve read that mowing it makes it spread? I’m not sure. I think I’m going to destroy the ones with seeds (no good for compost), weed-whack the taller stuff and start pulling the rest by hand. I was hoping the chickens would eat it, but a) they don’t seem interested, and b) there are only two hens! 🙂

      The idea of a safe zone is a good one. I’ve already got a path trampled to the chicken coop. This stuff’s evil, yes? I can’t imagine getting a mess of it on myself or falling down!

  2. Girlfriend you need a goat! The love that crap.

  3. Bana Elzein says:

    Holy cow batman.. Ok you win! That is nettle overload. It does give the notion that what’s under it all is good fertile soil though. 🙂 England is awash in stinging nettles and in late summer when it’s chest high, it makes country walking less fun than normal. From memory on my allotment, it was fairly easy to control by pulling up. However.. that’s like 2 months worth of pulling up. Also.. there’s a guy up the road who has a shitload of chickens in a number of chicken runs and the only plants growing in them is grass and nettles. Chickens won’t help with nettles. Goats and sheep.. nettle reducing factories of win. On the allotments the no effort method of weed reduction was to lay a section of carpeting over the offending areas for a season.. doubt you have either large enough sections of carpet (the all wool variety with canvas backing) nor the time to allow that to work. I would mow the bastards down too. I suppose there is a danger of seeds spreading but its still so early in the year they probably ahven’t set seed yet.. even if they have flowered.

  4. goudreinet says:

    A donkey will eat the nettles for you. Or else, a free range pig or two dig them up and eat them with roots and all! Handpulling will help only if you prevent self seeding; which is nearly impossible…Chicken manure spreading will make things worse. If all else fail: just “learn to love your nettles” as they are great for bio-diversity; butterfies, etc.

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