Farm Wedding

Well, we did it. Got hitched at the farm. It was a small but fierce gathering, and everything I’d hoped for was included: Family, friends, reunions, good food, good music, marrying my best friend. The groom gave farm tours, we had a taco truck, and the bride was a little flibbertyjibbet, but it was a beautiful day and I’m grateful to everyone who helped share the love.


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9 thoughts on “Farm Wedding

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a lovely occasion.

  2. feastfromtheland says:

    that is the sweetest thing! CONGRATS!

  3. thebeadden says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like a wedding I would love to attend! I have never seen a taco truck before! Mmmm!

  4. I’ve always thought small, simple outdoor weddings were so much more beautiful than those annoying $20,000 lace festivals. Plus you can make all the guests pull weeds…Ha! Your boots look awesome!

  5. Very very cool and so farm-a-licious!! Congrats!

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