Tragedy and the Second Amendment

I’d like to share our heartfelt sadness for the lives lost and the people touched by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I will honor the memory of those lost by never mentioning that fucktarded madman’s name aloud or in print. That useless piece of shit deserves to be banished from humanity, by whatever means necessary.

We don’t dial 911.

That said, I’m going to share that here on the farm, we are gun friendly. I won’t share what we own or what we wish we had (oh, chef has a looong list). Guns for us out in the rural Texas countryside mean safety from predators, both human and non-human. They mean food if the system breaks down. They mean a sense of security for me, when I’m home alone during the day while the chef’s at work. Security for myself and security for our animals and belongings. In America, (and especially in Texas) they mean I might not even need a gun to be safe from human predators, because the chances of you breaking into a house in rural Texas and finding an unarmed home-owner are probably 100 to 1. Go ahead, asshole, try to rape me or steal my TV.

Here in the United States, the right to own guns is VERY polarizing.  One could spend days arguing for or against. It’s as divisive as the arguments regarding capital punishment.

To me, it is another instance in which one crazy fuckhole can ruin everything for everybody. That this tragedy has turned into another excuse for the powers that be to try to take away American citizens’ Constitutional rights to own guns angers me. Hugely. Like a sun-sized fireball of anger.

This is not about our right to bear arms, American politicians. United Nations? This is not about your wishes to take away our Constitutionally-mandated right to own firearms. This is about one piece of batshit crazy TURD who felt the need to smear his brand of shit stain over the populace. This is about one person’s actions, not the entire population’s.

What I know is that folks who take the CHL classes, take the certification exam, get their guns and their license to carry concealed are not crazy fuckers intent on harming anyone. They’re generally gun nerds who pour over websites drooling over stock finishes and caliber sizes. Even the gun nerds who DON’T have a CHL are generally just safety- and security-conscious and watch a lot of Military Channel. They like Chuck Norris movies, chicks with big tits, and shooting at targets with Osama Bin Laden’s face on them. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

In many parts of this country, gun ownership is generational. I grew up shooting handguns and shotguns with my Dad and my brothers. We didn’t hunt; my Dad just had guns. Big fucking deal.

Gun nerds have ranges, both outdoor and indoor, that they frequent to get hours and hours of practice in towards the goal of being expert marksmen/women. If they live in the country, they might even have an amateur range in their own backyard (I hear gunshots all the time out here in the country, btw. Too many to be considered just driving away a coyote…These dudes are practicing with their semi-autos). They are sometimes NRA members. They probably vote for whomever is going to support the Constitution (which is neither current candidate, in my opinion). They congregate with other gun nerds either online or in person and talk about wind drift and twist and Picatinny rails. Or if they’re like me (not a gun nerd), they occasionally practice at home, sometimes buy ammo at WalMart, and rarely even think about guns, even though they’re in the house. Safeties are on, plenty of ammo, we sleep better at night. Period. Personal choice. Totally legal.

Know who DOESN’T get training or legally license their weapons? That’s right: criminals.

Fact: The murder rate is in Houston since private gun ownership rates have gone up is down by 37% from 2010.

Coincidence? Who the hell knows.

What I DO KNOW is that an asshole fired those weapons. A misanthropic, stinky piece of dogshit killed those innocent people. Society didn’t do it. Satan didn’t do it. Inadequate security didn’t do it. Batman didn’t do it. A lone fuckwit did it.

Keep your fucking reactionary laws off our farm, thanks.

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12 thoughts on “Tragedy and the Second Amendment

  1. Natasha Show says:

    You and I need to meet someday. And become friends. We have a lot of weird (but good) shit in common.

  2. Max says:

    A very good post, it is frustrating that gun ownership is stereotyped by a large segment of our society. I consider myself a bit of a leftist and possibly even a socialist but that has absolutely nothing to do with my right to own guns. I have family members who are true “gun-nuts” and by some standards I might fall into that category.

    • You know, my husband said the same thing about peoples’ perceptions of gun owners, and it surprised me.

      I think you’re both right: People tend to lump gun owners into one group: Gun Nut. While there ARE people like that, I don’t know any of them, never met one…I’m about as benign about our weapons as I can be and still be a gun owner.

      I guess I naively thought everybody intrinsically knows that there are as many different types of gun owners as there are car owners. Some are dicks; some are fanatical; some are sweet as can be; some are grandmas…on and on and on.

      But nope, we’re all slathering maniacs, just itching for the chance to end someone’s life. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  3. SaraC says:

    I like you a whole lot, but I disagree, and I’ll leave it at that as far as my own strong feelings on the matter. But I do have a question, and I’d really like to know the answer: How do fans of the Second Amendment interpret the part where is says a “WELL-REGULATED” militia?

    • I’m not a constitutional lawyer, but I will link two very good pieces that explain better than I ever could. I appreciate your point of view.

      • SaraC says:

        Thanks for cites! I will read these carefully. BTW, we have guns in my house. I just have absolutely no problem with the rule of law governing my right to own and use them.

        • You have left me sincerely confused.

          • SaraC says:

            They’re hunting guns. As in hunting animals, not people. I don’t care for weapons designed exclusively for killing humans, and I don’t believe they ever made anyone safer. I think they should be regulated, that people who carry them should be required to take classes on how to use them properly and how to avoid using them, the way police officers do, and I think many of them should just be banned outright. So yes, file me under yellow-hippy-treehugger. With a shotgun.

            • Hmm, yeah, but I never said I thought autos or semis are a good idea. I think they’re awful. We don’t have one, never will. And you have to have a Class 3 license to get a fully automatic weapon, complete with training courses, certification, and checks by the FBI and ATF.

            • SaraC says:

              Then we agree, at least in part. I just can’t get behind people who think these deadly weapons should have no restrictions on them whatsoever. In my little redneck community, I am surrounded by folks who think Obama is here to take away their guns, and regardless about what anyone thinks about the President (separate discussion altogether) he hasn’t done A THING when it comes to restricting gun rights. But people are so paranoid. And paranoid people with guns are, ya know, kinda scary.

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