This Year Deserves a Review

This has been both the worst and the best year ever for me and the husband. Epic fails/Epic wins.

A left his six year chef gig at Texas A&M, due to corporate ass-hattery and Machiavellian back-stabbing bullshit. Who quits a job in this economy? One who’s all done with being bungholed by morally inferior halfwits. So then, the searching began. And we waited, and he interviewed, and we went to Post, Texas to start new jobs and we got fucked in the ass there and so we waited. And unemployment got denied. And we cried. And our chickens kept us fed. And we got by on preps and kindness from neighbors. And we dealt with A’s mom’s cancer. And dealt with not being able to afford gardens. And being too hot. And too cold. And too scared. 

Around June, life decided to stop shitting on us. A accepted a position in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We moved across the country with about $500 cash, our important belongings and six animals, anticipating a return to the farm when this fell apart, too. Because after everything we’ve been through, we knew the universe was going to have us make that harrowing move, then blow its nose on our lives, again.

Nope. Because, and then, after all the heartbreak and scared times and fighting and making up and sweating, we kind of hit a financial mother lode, one we didn’t even know was coming for us. And A loves his job here. And I love this region. The mountains RULE, people! Got my own little truck, fourteen hens who are almost ready to lay, a terrible little old farmhouse that’s trying to kill us (seriously, it’s trying to kill us*), We still have the Texas farm. We made a huge payment one day before the foreclosure papers were being filed.

We’ve been able to travel and save. We took a badly-needed trip to Los Angeles because good friends and Black Crowes show. I got to go to Chicago to attend one of my very best friend’s 50th birthday party and see some of my family and reconnect with friends I haven’t seen since high school. We get to go to Kansas City in two days and see my family and friends. We get to go to Houston in February to see A’s family and our friends and go to a Queens of the Stone Age concert (FUCK YEAH!). This spring, we get to have my parents out to experience the wonder that is the Pacific Northwest. We have trips planned for all of 2014. We’ve been able to send occasional gifts to friends and family just because. We’ve been seeing doctors and dentists, catching up on long-delayed, necessary care. I got new glasses and cut off all my hair. We got a treadmill and have been using it. We get to train with our guns out here on the ranch. Tannerite, y’all. It blows up good. We get to explore our area, go hiking and fishing, visit nearby towns and eat good food. Our preps are finally getting there.

Because the universe finally saw us. That through it all, we remained grateful. Oh, we bitched. But in the end, our gratitude always outweighed the terror. We know we’re lucky. And that’s the thing: Even when this year was at its worst, we still knew we were lucky. And we are thankful.

So here’s to you, 2013. I want to punch you in the throat then smooch on your face.

*We’ve been low-level sick since we moved here. Respiratory stuff/sinus stuff/lethargy. We had though it was just due the move, new environment, wildfire smoke, etc., but we’re still sick after six months. So we talked to our friends/landlords and had a “hygienist” out yesterday who tested for mold, dust mites, allergens, carcinogens, mildew…You name it, he tested for it. Plus, BAT GUANO! He actually called our attic the Bat Hilton. Results in three days. *sigh*  We might have to move. That would suck. But it’s okay! You know?


4 thoughts on “This Year Deserves a Review

  1. Natasha Show says:

    I’ve missed your writing. I hope you are able to blog more this year!

  2. Happy New Year. I am so glad things are looking up for you. Bring on 2014 – great things are in store. Cheers Sarah : o )

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